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A Royal Wedding Cocktail Indeed – The Champagne Cocktail

BERLIN, GERMANY - APRIL 06:  Champagne bottles...

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After publishing the recipe last Saturday as “The April Signature Cocktail” a little research was done. The cocktail itself is served everywhere and has been done for almost 200 years but it requires a bit more looking at. Using the LCBO local published prices:

VINTAGES 643734 | 750 mL bottle

Price: $ 129.00

LCBO 462432 | 750 mL bottle

Price: $ 49.95

LCBO 4101 | 750 mL bottle

Price: $ 89.95

this cocktail can cost a bit.

My first taste was at the Chateau Lauier where 2 each with 1 appetizer and 1 dessert came to over $150.00 with tip. How decadent.

The recipe as shown Saturday is the version served at the Fairmont Monte Carlo in Monaco.

Using LCBO Ontario liquor prices the raw materials to mix this drink will be at least $12.00 at the low end to over $20.00. The Chateau Laurier lounge, Zoe’s in Ottawa is a bargain at only $20.00.

At home I have been mixing this cocktail using a domestic sparkling wine from Magnotta.  An Ontario VQA wine Magnotta 2008 Brut at around $10.00 per bottle makes an excellent substitute. In my home version I am using the Remy Martin but would like to hear of anyone with experience using a lower cost brandy. This all keeps the cost of this delightful cocktail at a manageable level.

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