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April Fools? The Big Block Party

Cover of "Royal Wedding"

Cover of Royal Wedding

Not this year. The month is big. In England planning for block parties for the wedding of this century¬† are under way. Kinda sorta like tailgate parties here. Heck is anyone planning block parties or tailgate parties here in Canada? If so send me a note.¬† I would like to mention it here in the blog. Heck I will even mention it if it happens in the US. What are neighbours for? Even if you don’t follow the Royal Wedding it is a great excuse to get out and have a street party.

April is Easter, cherry blossoms in Washington and let’s get going with some serious party planning. For those of you that don’t show your face out of doors before Victoria Day, lets start a new trend.

The Event Planning Report will kick off the month with the April wedding of the century signature cocktail tomorrow.¬† BTW it is Victorian as well as May’s in honour of the Royal Wedding. Lets move on to a month of royal wedding party plans.

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