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Event Insurance for Street Parties

There is a lot of buzz these days on the Royal Wedding. I saw a piece from google yesterday on event insurance for wedding street parties. The text can be found here at Street Party Insurance

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Tent Collapse at rollout for Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo

Here is what happens when a tent installation goes wrong. A major disaster was averted when The Kern County Fire Department and the management of the Mojave Air and Space Port ordered the evacuation of the 25 X 50 metre structure. It almost certainly saved lives at the flashy rollout of the Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo […]

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Party Tent Turmoil? Only in Calgary You Say?

According to a CTV news report the local oaf-ficials have decided to spring into inaction. Watch the report video carefully. Apparently there there have been several complaints since 2009 about rowdyness during the stampede. It was also reported that the problem was caused  by a couple of known offenders. City council response? Victimize everybody by […]

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Wedding Reception at Under $10.00 per person Ronald McDonald, Wedding Planner

As classical Muzak blasted from a loudspeaker, Kelvin Kwong got down on one knee and declared his love for his fiancée, Ashley Tse, in front of a rowdy media scrum. Their engagement party on Valentine’s Day was the inaugural event of a new and aggressively promoted nuptial service at McDonald’s restaurants in Hong Kong, the […]

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