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Does Your Tent Company Offer “Deep Woods Shade”?

20 X 40 Party Canopy

Some tents offer beauty, ambiance and functionality. Many do not. Don’t be left in the heat.

Often potential clients make a comment that the tent is “Only if it rains”. In the beginning of this heatwave which Environment Canada suggests may well last into September the choice of tent supplier could not be more important. Many companies in the business are still using older style traditional tents with less sophisicated fabrics. The answer is simple, Poorly engineered tents can be purchased at half the price of a quality tent.

Tents supplied by ASAP Tent and Party Rentals all have heat blocking technology and good looks. Euereka Tents pioneered the “high peak” swoopy look that everyone wants or has tied to copy. Advanced tent design by Todd Dalland/ Happold Design  is the recognized world leader in fabric design and technology and available at ASAP Tent and Party Rentals in Toronto and the GTA.

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