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There are a lot of innovative tools on the internet that help you manage your event better. Today I would like to introduce the online event registration and ticketing solution amiando. This tool allows you to plan and manage your event. As a registered customer you can create events and ev ent websites where you can sell tickets or your attendees can register. You can design the event page the way you want and integrate information like the program of your event, map directions, pictures and many more. You can even integrate Social Networks into your event so people can share it via Facebook for example.

Registered attendees of your event are automatically filed in a participant list that you can access whenever you want. All your customer data is stored in one place and like this you can keep track of your event without any hassle. amiando sends weekly reports and statistics related to your event. An integrated e-mail tool allows you to send e

mail invitations and track the response or you can simply use it to stay in contact with your customers. If you sell tickets, amiando does the payment processing for you – no matter if the customers pay with credit card or via their bank account, amiando collects all payments and transfers the money to you. Like this you can save resources in your accounting department and concentrate on your event planning. Every registered customer gets an e-ticket or if you want you can also have them sent professional paper tickets with security features. At the date of your event you can manage the entry of your guests with a free software called EasyEntry which works with your webcam to check tickets, so no ticket can be used twice.

With the amiando event management software you can save a lot of time and money, it is tailored to the needs of event managers- it makes event organization so much easier and less stressful for you. The free tool works as software-as-a-service so you can access it via your web browser practically from everywhere without installation or download. Beside the basic offer mentioned above amiando has a large variety of possibilities to customize events to the needs of the organizers. Check out the tool!

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