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Planning an event, party or wedding can sometimes seem to be a nightmare. Wheather food, venue or who to invite the details can sometimes be overwhelming. On top of this mother nature can get lost in the details. Eco-friendly green party planning can be easy and cost-effective. The following are a few suggestions to be the greenest event planner around when you plan your next party.

According to some celebrity guest blog writer going green means using paper plates. The writer goes on with celebrity nonsense that paper plates do not need washing therefore wastes less water.. Hogwash! Has it ever occurred to this nimrod that the paper making industry not only uses extraordinarily large amounts of water but then adds bleach, lead and mercury before discharging it into the rivers contaminating fish downstream for miles. Oh and did I mention the health problems of the peoples relying on that water for their daily needs? Some areas in the isolated northlands have such polluted water systems that water must be trucked or flown in to provide water for the locals. This is a carbon footprint on a massive scale before you consider the massive clear cut areas where the trees are harvested. Many years ago in the early seventies while on a camping trip across northern Ontario I was shocked when standing on a hill with visibility of 50 miles and there was no tree standing in any direction. These are Ontario’s rainforests and generators of oxygen. Think also of all the trucks required to transport thousands of paper plates that can be replaced by one china plate. If all that is not enough then there is all that disposable plastic packaging made from non renewable oil to be disposed of in landfills.

This rant is brought on by a junkmail received this morning attempting to sell paper plates. A little quick reasearch on the internet turned up the celebrity nutbar who is also a germaphobic but not a geat deal of solid evidence. Opinions found were poor at best so here is my (Brian Ridgway) humble opinion.

  • Porcelain china manufacturing has been a sustainable industry for thousands of years.
  • Water used for dish washing can be reused before recycleing and recycling is easy and inexpensive.
  • Porcelain china is less likely to harbour germs than paper.
  • Using or renting fine china is way cheaper than paper plates

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