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Champagne Cocktail

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Having an Oscar party and looking for a couple of last minute tips?

A great signature cocktail would be a champagne cocktail. The recipe was published on this website last year.

Here is an interesting recipe for Paris’s Crimson Champagne Cocktail.  Tastes like cough syrup but looks good. Some mods may fix this one so it looks good and tastes good.

Try some ideas from Wolfgang Puck’s Oscar Party Tips. Drinks and food ideas are here

For the true last minute planner a quick cruise through Costco and you can do a quick last minute menu plan using off the shelf stuff for everything. Don’t brush this off to lightly. They have ready freshly made fruit and veggie trays, great deals on hummus and other dips. Sometimes they have frozen hors d’oeuvres that heat and serve. On your way home stop by the local grocery and add some additional items from the ready to eat counter and you can come up with a complete menu. Close to our party rental world headquarters we have a Longos with great items both hot and cold.

Here at ASAP Tent and Party Rentals we are not fans of paper plates or napkins (not green and cost more than real china rentals) Party City has some good decor and other items specific to a hollywood party. If you get a popcorn machine rental from ASAP Tent and Party Rentals it comes with plain white paper bags for popcorn. Party City has theatre style containers and much more.

Online free popcorn labels can be found here.

Run down to your local party rental and rent a popcorn machine, portable bar or the Vue 1.1.


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