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Party Tent Turmoil? Only in Calgary You Say?

CTV News Van

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According to a CTV news report the local oaf-ficials have decided to spring into inaction. Watch the report video carefully. Apparently there there have been several complaints since 2009 about rowdyness during the stampede. It was also reported that the problem was caused  by a couple of known offenders. City council response? Victimize everybody by making them apply for tent permits.

I hope that Calgary city hall is better than Toronto city hall. Here in Toronto it takes city oaf-ficials weeks of tiresome worrying that they will be overburdened by the paperwork. These same people can make issuing a permit into a nine month gruelling ordeal. Of course they need lots of money to do  this.

Another item to note is that a large number of people think that a tent can be ordered like pizza using the 30 minutes or it’s free concept. Hmmm….

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