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Prince William Style Bachelor Party Planning, Who Says “Not Much”

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Royal watchers waiting for titillating tidbits are maybe disappointed. According to reports not much happened.

The party has happened and it was in the UK  and they had fun.

Not much is said to have happened but the prince with a group of 20 or so spent the weekend boating, waterskiing and pub crawling.

Sounds Prince Williamish. I like the waterskiing but wasn’t  it cold?


With royal wedding interest in high gear, here are a few fresh bachelor party planning ideas.

Bachelor party planning “As Seen On TV” tonight on Traffic Light on Fox

Mike Gets A Bachelor Party Do-Over Tonight On Traffic Light

Here is an interesting link. How to plan a Bachelor Party as done in Charleston (SC) I presume. There are some ideas  here and photographic proof. Looks like they had fun and no stripper.

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