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Spring Starts on March 17 on the Heated Patio at Fionn MacCool’s

At Fionn MacCool’s, Bloor the patio will be open March 17th to kick off spring. The weather forecast is friendly and the patio will be heated with patio heaters from ASAP Tent and Party Rentals.

Some cultures, such as those that devised the Celtic and East Asian calendars, call the spring equinox “mid-spring”, but others (especially in the USA and sometimes in England) regard it as the “first day of spring”. For most temperate regions, signs of spring appear long before the middle of March, but the folklore of 21 March being the “first day of spring” persists, and 21 June as the “first day of summer” is common in the USA.

To kick off spring with a blast on St Patrick’s Day Fionn MacCool’s will be serving up the suds with  a celtic fiddler and roving dancers.

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