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When Do I Need To Order My Tent

  Do one thing really really well… Order your tent from ASAP Rental now.   We are often asked at ASAP Tent and Party Rentals “When do I need to order my…..(stuff)”? You should order your tent as early as possible to avoid disappointment. While we can have many  tents on the shelf we quite […]

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Prince William Style Bachelor Party Planning, Who Says “Not Much”

Royal watchers waiting for titillating tidbits are maybe disappointed. According to reports not much happened. The party has happened and it was in the UK  and they had fun. Not much is said to have happened but the prince with a group of 20 or so spent the weekend boating, waterskiing and pub crawling. Sounds […]

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The Top Ten Wedding Songs of All Time

The engagement season has arrived so it is time to bring on the serious stuff, wedding planning. Top 10 Wedding Songs of All Time Skip AKA Yankee0412 on Youtube used to DJ weddings back in the day, so he has tons of experience with helping brides pick out their wedding music, first dance songs, etc. […]

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Free Admission to the Canadian Special Events Show

Event planners and party planners get free admission to the Canadian Special Events Show March 24, 2011 from 11:00AM to 6:00PM at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Free tickets register here On display  will be lighting, decor, staging, gifts & giveaways, creative services, entertainment, catering, florals and more

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Theme of the Year.. Drink Your Way Thru the Liquor Store

As in the movie Julie and Julia starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams I, Brian decided this blog should have a theme. This year it will be “The Signature Cocktail” AKA Drink your way through the LCBO.   Due to a technical difficulty this blog crashed and burned in January. (Didn’t backup before updating) The […]

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Irish essentials: How to put a shamrock in your Guinness

The ultimate set of Paddy’s day skills: how to pour your pint of Guinness and draw a shamrock on top. Instructions for drinking pint not included.. Follow us on twitter at http://twitter.com/asap1 Irish essentials: Put a shamrock in your Guinness

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How to Host a Cocktail Party

How to Host a Cocktail Party It’s the dead of winter! Plan a cocktail party. What a great idea to beat the February Blahs. Here is a short videos with some tips. How to Host a Cocktail Party Check back for  drink mixing tips in a later post. We will let you in on the […]

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