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The Top Ten Wedding Songs of All Time

The engagement season has arrived so it is time to bring on the serious stuff, wedding planning.

Top 10 Wedding Songs of All Time

Skip AKA Yankee0412 on Youtube used to DJ weddings back in the day, so he has tons of experience with helping brides pick out their wedding music, first dance songs, etc. Skip also opened up the topic to What Is That Song Facebook Fan Page people. So, what we have here are the Top 10, of course you may another idea of what should be on that list, and that’s cool….that’s what makes listmaking so mich fun. Thanks for watching and be sure to check out Skips other videos on my YouTube channel.

For more fun, go to my site http://www.whatisthatsong.net You’ll be able to find all the songs you hear in TV commercials, movies, all your favorite TV shows and tons of lists like this where you can listen to the songs and download them if you wish.

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