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Theme of the Year.. Drink Your Way Thru the Liquor Store

Valentines Cocktail

Valentines Cocktail

As in the movie Julie and Julia starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams I, Brian decided this blog should have a theme. This year it will be “The Signature Cocktail” AKA Drink your way through the LCBO.


Due to a technical difficulty this blog crashed and burned in January. (Didn’t backup before updating) The blog had to be restarted and set up all new with much of the last six years gone. Oh well. To make a long story short the material, photography and work were all done but you will need to wait until next February for the Valentine’s signature cocktail. It was great. Did it twice.


The real purpose of this blog is to get you to go to ASAP Tent and Party Rental’s web site and rent your party rentals there instead somewhere else. To that end the recipes wil  be available as a download on that web site. No link to-day because there will be a big special announcement in the very near future.

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